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Dr. Rajeshwari Kumar (BDS, Masters in Science UNSW)
Physics tutor

Senior trainer for NEET/ SAT/ MCAT/ IELTS/ TOEFL / Public Speaking / Personality development programmesand all master degree courses from 2018-2021.Interactive medical course trainer in Annamalai University.

I'm working as a tutor in Shaaz Academy, I really enjoy the individual sessions with my students as it helps me adapt my teachings to their individual needs and I'm definitely happy to be a part of this academy.

Safa Mohammed (B.Tech -Biotechnology)
Biology Tutor

Myself Safa Mohammed working as a Biology tutor in Shaaz academy, which I would think as a great opportunity to expand and share my teaching skills and knowledge. The institution helps us tutors to develop teacher-student relationships which is important in an online environment.

Thank you Shaaz academy for the learnings. I'm very grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to work in your academy.

Mahamutha Thasnim ( M. Sc., B. Ed.)
Math Tutor

Myself Mahamutha Thasnim working as as a maths tutor in Shaaz Academy. I got an opportunity to interact with the different kind of students through this. Actually spending time with kids is very much interesting.

Kids are learning maths from me. I am learning so many things from kids. Maths is a queen of science. Maths travels with us through out our life. So let's enjoy maths with shaaz. It's the turning point of my life. Thank you Shaaz.

Yaceena (M.Sc., M.Phil)
Math Subject Matter Expert

I'm yaceena, M.Sc., M.Phil. in Mathematics, I am a math tutor in Shaaz Academy. Shaaz Academy is a nice platform to improve our skills, comfort to work with.

Akshaya (M.Sc)
Chemistry Tutor

I am one among a tutor in this academy and I am handling science. I am a PG graduate in Chemistry. I love to teach the students and they are very interested in learning from home and I am enjoying a lot by teaching others.

Math Tutor

This is Aafila ( Mathematics) working as a tutor in shaaz academy. Before I started working here I didn't know the efforts of teachers and the institutions behind. Masha allah I am really impressed by the efforts the institution takes on each and every kid that rely on them. And am glad to be a member of such an amazing institution.

Afrin Fathima (B.A)
Arts, crafts and Qur'an Tutor

I am Afrin Fathima (B.A.Islamic Studies) Work as an (Art & Craft)as well as (Qur'an) tutor in Shaaz Academy, I would like to tell that Shaaz Academy is an amazing platform of knowledge for Qur'an and Arts because teaching students is the best path. And this platform supported me to boost my skills of teaching methods. Even it helps to increase knowledge in all the aspect for the students. I would really admire working here as a teacher. Thank you Shaaz for this wonderful opportunity.

Zafna (B.Sc)
English, Math and Art & Crafts Tutor

I'm zafna,a tutor working in shaaz academy for a while, I've completed BSc. Interior designing, its been an amazing experience to spread the potential of our knowledge to all the kids out there,interact with them and make them keen. I've been teaching English, Math and art & crafts. This is the best way to be productive and also let others make useful of it that too being from home, its a friendly and trusted environment with anytime support and help.

Juvairiya (B.A)
English, Maths and Qur'an Tutor

I'm Juvairiya, I've done B.A Islamic studies. This Academy has built & developed my skills in various aspects, it has even built my confidence. The concept of one-on-one is important & technical. But shaaz is carrying it with ease. I never thought I'd be a tutor, but shaaz made it possible & has built my confidence. And as for students, every kids need & seeks for special attention. And as shaaz had taken a step for that, each student would be benefited from it. I'm really grateful to Shaaz Academy to give me an oppurtunity to work in.

Vaseela (M.E)
English and Maths Tutor

I am Vaseela previously working as a Software Engineer. I had so much stress in my previous IT field, now I am working as a tutor in Shaaz Academy. Here I feel happy and work peacefully. Shaaz academy is the best place to learn any subject, I am very proud to work at Shaaz. This academy makes me feel stress-free every day. This is the right learning platform for students. Thank you so much Shaaz Academy.

Faazila (B.Sc.& B.A)
Qur'an and English Tutor

This is Faazila. I have completed B.Sc. Biotechnology & B. A. Islamic Studies. I’m working as a Qur'an and English tutor in Shaaz Academy. It gives me immense pleasure to teach students from different countries. Each student have their own understanding capacity and the best way to bring out their potential is by having a personalised tutor which Shaaz academy provides.Shaaz Academy is a great platform for learning and sharing knowledge.

Wajeeha Zuwairiya (B.E)
English and Maths Tutor

Wajeeha Zuwairiya, that's my name. I'm a graduate in B.E (Computer Science And Engineering). I'm a math and English tutor at Shaaz Academy. Apart from teaching, I'm skilled in web designing & development and software development. Shaaz is a great place to work with as it helps in molding ourselves better and build ourselves. The quality time you spend sharing knowledge with the students is the best part of tutoring. I am very grateful for this opportunity.

Suhaina Anwari (B.A)
English,Maths and Montessori Tutor

I'm Suhaina. I'm a Montessori and Child Education Trained Teacher and B.A English graduate and working for primary classes. A teacher who love teaching should make children love Learning. Shaaz provides me such wonderful opportunity and smart students.

IELTS Trainer

I am shama working as IELTS trainer and also English tutor. I am fortunate to be a part of this academy. I would definitely recommend to join Shaaz academy for anyone who is willing to crack IELTS.

Rizwana (B.A, M.A, M.Phil)
Subject Matter Expert English Tutor

I am Rizwana B.A, M.A, M.phil in English. If I have to say about Shaaz, wherever you go Learning starts from Shaaz it will change you.

Shirin (B.Sc)
Spoken English and Qur'an Tutor

I am Shirin taking Qur'an,Tajweed and also Spoken English Classes. I'm a B.Sc (Information and System Management) graduate. Education is the only thing that gives knowledge. I am happy to be a part of Shaaz academy.

Sumaiya Huq ( & B.A)
Qur'an Tutor

I am Sumaiya taking Qur'an and Tajweed Classes. I have completed and B.A(Islamic Studies). My love towards tutoring helped me to join Shaaz Academy. By working as a part of Shaaz I could gain a lot of knowledge. Allah blessed me to join here Alhamdulillah. I am happy to work with Shaaz and I'm trying to be a fulltime tutor.

Janani (B.E)
English and Maths Tutor

This is Janani. Basically I'm a Computer Engineer. But I had a great passion towards Tutoring, then I've started my career as a Tutor in Shaaz Academy. I feel so good Everyday to teach such an amazing kids around the world.

"One child ,one teacher , one pen , one book can change the world" Let us change the world together with the most powerful weapon called Education. I feel so thankful from the bottom of my heart for giving me such an amazing opportunity.

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